10 Cute Tiny Homes with Lofts that will Fit Four Comfortably

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Last weekend my mother came to town and since we don’t get to see her often during the school year, we decided we wanted to stay with her instead of at our house. She prefers to stay at hotels instead of in our home.

Since there were four of us and we needed a kitchen, her and my daughters went online to find a nice hotel with a kitchenette while I finished a cake pop class. Much to my surprise when we finished, they had booked us a tiny house.

Even more to my surprise, we were able to fit into the house comfortably. My oldest daughter slept in the loft where, while none of us could fully stand up, there was enough for three more people to sleep. My mother had her own bedroom with a queen size bed, and my little one and I decided to sleep on the extra comfortable futon in the living room because it was next to an electric fireplace.

That got me, and my mother, wondering if there were other tiny houses that could fit a family similar to ours and I bring a few of them to you now.

Beautiful Tiny Homes with Lofts 1. Elsa

Olive Nest Tiny Home came up with the Elsa design and the loft in this place is just the beginning. You could put two beds on the floor just like they did in the tiny house we stayed at, plus there is a futon almost exactly like the one my daughter and I slept on meaning this home could sleep six people, though I doubt there would be any other comfort creatures.

The dining room bar will sit six as well though and there are an additional garden and porch area. Pretty impressive for a tiny house on wheels!

2. Tahosha

SimBLISSity came up with the idea for the Tahosa and I must say it’s pretty cool. There is a seating area in the living room that could sleep three- two on the bottom and one on top. In this picture, the top is being used by lights but could be a sleeping area as well.

There is a second loft with a full sized bed, if moved over, there could be two as well. This tiny house is also on wheels and has an area in the back to hold two bicycles as well as a storage compartment.

Storage is a big plus for this model. They had toe kick cabinets in the kitchen and storage along the stairs. This would be a winner for people who need a place for everything and everything in its place!

3. Beachy Bohemian

There is not much detail on this website about this home but it does have some pretty impressive features. Somewhere in the home, there is a set of bunk beds and then there is a loft for the grown-ups more than likely.

The loft looks down on my favorite part of any home- the kitchen. The bathroom is worth noting as well. The shower goes into a metal tub that you could sit in but not lay down. The barn door is pretty neat too.

The colors really bring out the bohemian vibe the website was talking about. Beautiful!

4. Irving Tiny House

The Irving Tiny Home comes with a full-size bedroom with a loft upstairs. So long as the loft could hold two beds, which I am sure would not be a problem, while the downstairs bedroom could hold one. Adding this together means that this home could, again, fit six.

I still think that it would have to be six people who are comfortable with each other. My mom, me, and my two daughters get along beautifully most of the time. For a good portion of our nights there, the girls played outside with other kids who were staying in the tiny house community for the week, meaning my mom and I could work side by side on the couch or outside on the screened-in porch. This gave us the separation that might otherwise be stressful in situations where a group must be inside all the time.

5. MINIstry of Magic

This is probably the best house I have seen so far. It comes with not one but two lofts. The first one the owner of the home, Genna Poletti, sleeps in while the second loft is a place to keep her clothes. The first one has a bed that covers the entire width of the area. Counting I would say she could fit four people in her bed. I bet that makes for a nice sleep!

She also has a soaking tub in the bathroom and the white and grey, along with the light coming in from the window give this tiny house a comfy, larger feel to it.

6. King’s Loft

The King’s Loft comes from Tiny Houses of Washington. I like the loft area because towards the back you can see the curtains. These curtains lead to a hanging area which is really nice for the people who have a lot of clothes.

The door is beautiful as well and the living room has a nice fireplace. The color scheme in the house is beautiful, again with the grey, blue, white, and black. Moving the stairway up and adding the natural light in means the three hundred and three square foot home feels larger.

7. Double Sized Loft

I dare say this larger tiny home could fit a larger family or a smaller one that feels like they need their own space. Though the loft is a bit bigger than our home, this is similar to the one that we stayed in. There is a front porch like ours, except we had a screened in porch and this one does not.

The wood is similar but there is a wood burning stove to keep the home warm while our tiny home had central heat and an electric stove that had a heating element to it. The nice part of the electric stove was that if we wanted the “prettiness” of a fire but not the heat we could turn the heat off. I have fallen in love with that aspect of our temporary home!

8. It’s Bigger Than It Looks on the Outside

I wasn’t expecting the picture to show you the whole thing but I am kind of glad it did. For one, you get to see why my daughter insist I name this one the “Bigger than it looks on the outside” tiny house. Also, it comes with two lofts.

But, honestly, my whole reason for wanting you to see all the pictures is because I think the bedroom is very quaint and lovely. And that kitchen? I’d take that in a regular size home!

The website also states that there is an entertainment area as well, though they do not show any pictures of it. That’s okay because the windows on the one side of this mobile tiny home sure makeĀ it one of the prettiest I have seen on the list!

9. The Triton

This house has some pretty cool features I haven’t seen in other posts yet. For example, in the bottom right of this picture, there is a washer and dryer combo machine. Also, this house features an office for those who work from home and want the feeling of a separate office area.

There are also two lofts in this home, meaning it would not be impossible for a family to live here. This gives me so much hope for owning a tiny home myself one day! The wood accents throughout the house are nice.

My only complaint is that the kitchen has an electric two burner stove and no oven, though where the microwave is (above the refrigerator) a small convection oven could replace it and I would be just as happy most of the time!

10. Custom Home Number Four

Custom Home Number Four by Mint is one of the most stunning homes I have seen on the list. Like many of the others, there is not one but two lofts. This home has some upgraded features that really bring out that wow factor. For example, there is a full sized front load washer and dryer area in the home.

There is also a very nice gas stove in the kitchen, as well as the farmer sink and the retro refrigerator that is shown in the picture. One of the lofts has a bed in it that is surrounded by low to the floor storage compartments, making it almost perfect for shoes.

The second loft is above the bathroom and looks like it is currently being used as a reading nook, with large pillows and a nightstand. The sliding barn door also doubles as a ladder.

The bathroom itself has a beautiful copper shower head and an area to hang clothes. Although the house lacks a true entertainment area, it is still very beautiful and well thought out.

11. Georgia

The Georgia made by Tiny House Builders is the only gooseneck home on this list. I have to say, I am pretty impressed too, so many of us females are afraid to pull anything behind our trucks. This girl seems to be doing so and doing it well.

Since it is a gooseneck, the Georgia has two loft areas as well, the first you can see from the second, where the picture is being taken. It is pretty and comfortable, though the second loft seems to give more of a bedroom feel than the first.

There is a washer dry combo in this tiny home as well, but no oven to bake in. Again, shouldn’t be a problem if you replace the microwave, in my opinion. The woodsy feel of the inside is being offset by the hint of girl which I love. Girls rule and boys… aren’t that bad either.

12. Teton

The Teton home by Alpine Tiny Homes features full sized appliances including a washer and dryer, two lofts, and a pullout couch in order to sleep six. The home has an airy feel, with the dining area looking out of the windows.

What’s even better is that the view outside those windows could change on a whim as this home is on wheels. I love the skylight in the loft and the lighting throughout all matching, giving it a very homey feel. The entertainment center is full of shelves in order to keep a movie buff’s videos in one place.

This home is perfect for a rainy day inside or living in a campground as one explores the great outdoors!

13. Custom Tiny

The Custom Tiny by Bear’s Tiny Homes is probably one of my favorite tiny homes on the whole list. I like that instead of scaling back and not giving their customer an oven at all, they opted for one that would go in a travel trailer.

The smaller size is fine because, again, at least it has one. Likewise, the refrigerator and stove are smaller as well but I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a washer dryer combo in the kitchen as well. There is even a flat screened television built into the wall above a fireplace in the living room. This house truly has it all!

It has it all inside and out. On the outside they made it look like a traditional home with beautiful light green colored and a dark red door. My favorite part of the outside though? The porch light. It’s the little things that make it feel like home!


Between the amazing time I had spending the week in the tiny home community and looking at these pictures I cannot wait to get back in another tiny home. There is talk of us renting one for Thanksgiving and what better way to spend our time together then huddled up enjoying each other and others who feel the same way about the lifestyle that we do.

See you soon!

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