10 Homemade All Purpose Cleaners to Keep Your Home Sparkling Bright

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In the recent months, I have been trying my best to rid my home of unnecessary chemicals. I started by switching from store bought skincare and shower products, like deodorant and bubble bath, to homemade natural ones, and I am now beginning to do the same with my cleaning supplies.

Whenever I give my house a proper clean, I can’t stand the smell of harsh chemicals lingering for hours afterward, and I hate to think of what inhaling them does to our bodies. It’s far too easy to accidentally spray your fruit bowl with a surface cleaner you’re using, so I’d rather be safe than sorry.

The beauty of making your own all-purpose cleaner, aside from the control you have over the chemicals going into it, is that you can choose the scent. I love my scented candles and room sprays, if I could have a deliciously scented cleaner to add to that, my home would always smell sensational.

10 Ideas for a Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner 1. All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

Especially if you’ve got kids running around the house, All-Purpose Surface Cleaner is probably one of your closest friends. It certainly is mine. Whether there’s a small spill or you only want to spruce up the kitchen a little before guests come round, you’ll find yourself reaching for this bottle.

Because it’s something I use so often, I am eager to swap my store bought surface cleaner for one like this. The soap helps to fight dirt and grease, my oven will love it, and it contains fresh lemon juice which will help to fight bacteria while making your home smell fresh and citrusy.

2. Lavender Mint All-Purpose Cleaner

I challenge you to find anyone who wouldn’t want their home smelling like floral lavender and fresh mint. I’d take this over the chemical smell of most store-bought cleaning products any day.

Although this Lavender Mint All-Purpose Cleaner contains hydrogen peroxide, it is a minimal, diluted amount. It is a fantastic sterilizer, and the essential oils will work to combat the chemical smell of it. There are only two ingredients needed to make this all-purpose cleaner so it’d be easy to be constantly stocked up, and it just takes a little shaking to make.

3. Three Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner

Anything with less than five ingredients instantly pulls me right in, whether it be a fast pasta dish or a Three Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner. Because of how simple it is you really must give it a go.

This recipe begins with a little introduction addressing all the nasty things going on in store bought cleaning sprays. I like to keep up to date and educated on these things and think it helps to be reminded of them when you’re making an effort to switch to natural products. This recipe contains only gentle ingredients but is still effective in cleaning dirt and grime.

4. Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner

You’d never believe that a little water, castile soap, and essential oil would clean up some of the messes your kids leave behind, but it is in fact possible.

The scent of this Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleanser is entirely up to you; I like the sound of a citrusy lemon and orange concoction. It’s incredibly cost efficient considering that a few simple ingredients make a whole bottle that will last you ages. You wouldn’t have to worry about this spraying onto something unintentionally, as it is entirely non-toxic and there will be no harm done.

5. Baking Soda All Purpose Cleaner

This website has two different recipes for Baking Soda All-Purpose Cleaner. One is a spray, and one is more of an intense scrub.

I prefer sprays as I find them easier and quicker to use, but it’s handy to have something a little more durable for those messier areas. The combination of white vinegar and baking soda is somewhat magical and one I have used and loved many a time before. If you’ve never tried it then what are you waiting for? Your home will be sparkling and smell remarkable clean without any harsh chemicals.

6. Vinegar All-Purpose Cleaner

This recipe for Vinegar All-Purpose Cleaner includes a guide of different vinegar to water rations you can use depending on the toughness of the mess you’re trying to clean. For everyday cleaning a 1:1 ratio will work well, but if you’re looking to get rid of something sticky or even old you might want to ramp it up to 2:1.

White vinegar efficiently breaks down grease and can prevent the growth of mold, so it’s an excellent ingredient for an all-purpose cleaner. Be sure to add lots of essential oil in your chosen scent if you don’t wish to be left with the smell of vinegar.

7. Chemical Free All-Purpose Cleaner

Here’s another Chemical Free All-Purpose Cleaner which contains the magical combination of white vinegar and baking soda, sure to get rid of any mess on any surface. Both these ingredients are also great stain removers, so for any light spills on carpets, you can reach for this handy bottle of spray.

My favorite scent for cleaning products is lemon, not only does it make my home smell fresh and clean but it also brightens my spirits when I use it. In this recipe, the essential oils along with the deodorizing baking soda will ensure that everything smells better than ever before.

8. Tea Tree Oil All-Purpose Cleaner

I used only to associate tea tree oil with my skincare, but more recently I have found it incredibly useful for other things around the house. This Tea Tree Oil All-Purpose Cleaner is a great example of that, and a small bottle of tea tree essential oil will make this recipe a few times over.

One of the reasons why tea tree oil is so good for your skin is because of its antibacterial properties, and this works just as well when it comes to cleaning your house. I love the smell; it could even be nice to add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil in too if you wanted to change up the scent a little.

9. Disinfecting and Deodorizing All-Purpose Cleaner

I excepted to come across more homemade multi-purpose cleaners which included alcohol, but this is, in fact, the only one. Using vodka in your cleaning products ensures that everything is adequately disinfected. It also means you have an excuse to buy a bottle and make yourself a cheeky cocktail afterward.

To mask the alcohol smell in this Disinfecting and Deodorizing All-Purpose Cleaner it requires a large volume of essential oils, so take this as a perfect opportunity to get mixing and matching your favorite scents.

10. All-Purpose Cleaner Wipes

I always have multiple packs of All-Purpose Cleaner Wipes on the go, they’re an absolute life saver, especially when I was a student. I keep a pack in the bathroom under the sink to quickly get rid of any toothpaste marks, and a pack in the kitchen cupboard to give my surfaces a quick wipe down after I’ve made food.

Wipes are faster to use than a spray cleaner because they’re product and cloth all in one. I will admit that I have previously been using store bought ones which can’t be good for the environment, so I do not doubt that I will be swapping over to these homemade ones within the hour.


I never thought I would say that I was excited about anything to do with cleaning products, a younger me would be baffled. The thought of swapping my chemical-filled cleaning products to these more natural, homemade ones makes me feel far more comfortable about using them freely with no worry that they will get onto food or more delicate surfaces.

I will be making some of the All-Purpose Cleaner Wipes because I am already obsessed with their efficiency. The sound of the Lavender Mint All-Purpose Cleaner is enticing too, I would love my home to smell that beautiful and fresh.

Have you ever tried making your own cleaning products? Do you prefer sprays or wipes for cleaning your surfaces?

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