15 Bathroom Cleaning Tricks for Those Easily Forgotten Areas

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Raise your hand if you dread cleaning the bathroom.

If you could see me, you’d know both hands are raised as high as they go. I hate cleaning the bathroom. It’s gross, and there’s no way around it.

We all know the many different tasks which take place in a bathroom, and we all know what we’re cleaning when we clean certain areas of the bathroom. It’s a fact of life, and it isn’t a fun fact.

Yet, it must be done because if you don’t, it’ll only get worse. Therefore, I want to share with you bathroom cleaning tricks for those few forgotten places you should make sure to clean.

Here are the forgotten places of your bathroom which may be going unnoticed on cleaning day:

1. Behind the Faucet

When I was a single person, I didn’t clean my bathroom as frequently as I do now. Over the past decade, I married and created the cutest little army which regularly destroys our bathroom.

Did I mention they’re all boys? They tend to make our bathroom grosser (though I love being a boy mom.) Therefore, I now wipe our bathroom down daily and deep clean it one time per week.

However, the more frequently you wipe down your bathroom, the more you notice the weird places dirt and grim gathers.

For instance, have you ever checked behind your faucet? The awkward space between the wall and the sink?

It is a great place for hair, dirt, dust, and even toothpaste to gather. Be sure to remember these bathroom cleaning tricks and check this area frequently to keep it clean.

2. The Actual Faucet

bathroom cleaning tricksbathroom cleaning tricks

If you have little kids you know when they brush their teeth, toothpaste ends up everywhere! They don’t only spit in the sink.

Instead, they spit at the faucet, the counter, and even at themselves in the mirror. (Please tell me my kids aren’t the only ones who do this?!)

Which is why it’s important to make sure when cleaning the bathroom, you don’t forget to scrub the faucet.

This is the same faucet you touch every time you wash your hands. You could be touching your child’s spit.

If this doesn’t gross you out a little, consider your poor houseguests who may not be as accustomed to touching your child’s saliva.

One of the easy bathroom cleaning tricks is to spray it down with an all-purpose cleaner and wiping it clean to get the job done. It takes a matter of seconds and can make your bathroom look and feel much cleaner.

3. There Are Different Parts of the Toilet

When I first became married and would clean our toilet, I’d clean the inside and wipe at the top of the outside.

It didn’t dawn on me to clean the base of the toilet. Until I had three children and studied how to keep a cleaner house. (Yes, I actually did this.)

That was when my eyes dropped to the base of the toilet, and I gasped. I couldn’t fathom all the nasty crud which gathers at the base of a toilet.

Now, it’s on my daily wipe down list. I clean the entire toilet from the top to the bottom to make sure there’s nothing nasty lurking.

Again, one of the bathroom cleaning tricks is to quickly spritz it with an all-purpose cleaner or a bleach mixture to make all the difference. Wipe it down with a dry towel, and your toilet is much better to look at.

4. Don’t Forget the Behind

Behind the toilet is perhaps one of the nastiest places in your bathroom. Yet, most people don’t even notice because it’s hidden behind the toilet.

When cleaning, be sure to give behind the toilet some love. You can wipe it down when you’re mopping your floors, or you can spray with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe it down.

It is another item I’ve added to my daily wipe down list in the bathroom. If you have boys in your home, you know how everything doesn’t necessarily hit the toilet.

Therefore, it’s important to clean every area around the toilet, or your restroom can take on weird odors.

Depending on how many people you have in your restroom and how messy it gets, consider cleaning this area anywhere from every day to every week.

5. Put a Ring on It

When you lift up the toilet seat, and you want to clean the toilet bowl, do you ever check the area where the water comes down into the bowl?

I didn’t use to until I began noticing how icky this area of the toilet can get. When cleaning your commode, be sure to use a toilet bowl brush and a bathroom cleaner to scrub this area of your toilet.

If you don’t, it can develop a brown ring around your toilet which will make your toilet appear dirty all the time.

Again, it can be a forgotten area but should be cleaned on a weekly basis, if possible.

6. There Are Layers to a Lid

I’m spending a great deal of time on forgotten areas around or on the toilet. It’s because the toilet is a necessity in restrooms, they get a great deal of activity, but can quickly become a neglected and dirty spot in your bathroom.

Therefore, when you clean the lid and seats on your toilet, pay attention to each layer. The lid has a top and bottom. Be sure to wipe down both sides of the lid with an all-purpose cleaner.

When you go to clean the seat of the toilet, and the rim of the toilet bowl, remember to clean both sides of the toilet seat and the rim of the toilet bowl.

These areas attract a great deal of dirt and grime. Therefore, it’s important to wipe them down anywhere from daily to weekly.

Again, it’ll depend upon how much the bathroom is used to determine how frequently you should be wiping these areas of the toilet down. For me, it’s a daily chore.

7. Trashin’ It

The trash can is an area which is easily forgotten unless the trash bag is full. Remember to empty the trash in the trash can on a regular basis.

Also, it’s a good idea to place a bag in the bathroom trash can to deter dirt from gathering in the base of the trash can.

Instead of purchasing the small bags, you can reuse plastic bags from the grocery store to fulfill this purpose.

However, every month or two, the trash can should be taken outside and filled with water and dish liquid.

Clean the trash can, rinse it out, and allow it to dry. Bring the trash can back indoors once dry. It should help maintain a clean appearance for the garbage can both inside and out.

8. The T.P. Holder

bathroom cleaning tricksbathroom cleaning tricks

When was the last time you looked at your toilet paper holder? It has an important job holding toilet paper in a convenient location.

Yet, we easily forget about the holder itself. Be sure you wipe down the toilet paper holder. If you have one mounted to the wall, it’s easy for it to collect dust.

If you have a stand-alone toilet paper holder, it’s easy for the base to collect dust and dirt because it’s closer to the floor.

Wipe the holders down to keep them looking their best.

9. Shine Them Up

Not all bathrooms have windows in them. In our previous home, one of our bathrooms didn’t have one. It made for a dark room.

Which is why I give a great deal of attention to the window in the bathroom of our current home now. It provides natural light and makes the bathroom a more pleasant place.

Make sure you give your windows a cleaning every month. The natural light will keep flowing in and also keep them from being an eyesore over time.

10. The Outline of the Restroom

Baseboards are a trouble spot in every area of the home. They are easily forgotten and neglected. Yet, they catch all the dirt, grime, dust, and pet hair.

Be sure to wipe down your bathroom baseboards once a month. If you mop your bathroom floors by hand, give them a quick swipe with your mop cloth.

Here are three bathroom cleaning tricks for this specific problem – you can use a dry rag, a dryer sheet, or even put the kids to work on the baseboards if they’d like to you help you along with keeping a cleaner home.

11. Pull the Curtain

Bathrooms have the potential to be a gorgeous place in your home. Curtains can add to the beauty.

Yet, they are frequently forgotten about once they’re hung up. Try to make it part of your monthly routine to take them down and wash them.

Curtain and blinds can collect a great deal of dust. By washing the curtains and wiping the blinds down with a moist towel, it’ll help cut down on the dust flying around your bathroom.

12. The Creepy Spaces

Our current bathroom is extremely small. It amazes me when I’m in there and notices the dirty corners which are easily overlooked.

If you have crevices near cabinets, behind doors, next to the shower, next to the toilet, or in awkward corners in your bathroom, know they’re catching all the forgotten dirt in your bathroom.

This is why it’s important to take some time once per month and intentionally seek out those dirty spaces.

Use a moist cloth to wipe out the dirt and try to remember to stay on top of them because there will be more dirt waiting on you the next month.

13. The Clothes Dump

It amazes me when I do laundry how dirty our clothes hampers can get. If you have people in your home who work outside and toss the clothes in the clothes hamper, you’re going to have dirt inside the hamper.

However, we easily overlook this area which collects dirt. Instead, make it a point to clean out your clothes hamper once per month.

It will make them look nicer. Hopefully they’ll last a little longer, and help you not dread going through dirty clothes when you must sort it.

14. Dusting and Lighting

You may not frequently give attention to the lighting in your bathroom or the dust, but they’re both there. Be sure to dust the light bulbs and light fixtures in your bathroom one time per month.

If you have globes over the lights in your restroom, pull them down and run them through the dishwasher or wash in warm soap and water. Be sure they’re dried well before hanging them back up.

Dust the décor items in your bathroom. Not only will this knock dust loose, but it may point out other forgotten areas which need cleaning in your restroom.

For instance, if you have a toothbrush holder or soap dish on your bathroom counter, they probably could use a quick trip through the dishwasher.

Also, be sure to use your broom or vacuum wand to suck up any cobwebs which may be taking up residence along your bathroom ceiling, behind the bathroom door, in dark corners, or other areas. They’ll form above your shower too.

15. Bathroom Cleaning Tricks – Lastly, the Walls

Bathroom walls have a way of collecting dirt too. Be sure to wipe down the walls once per month. It’s a good idea to wipe them down at the same time you do baseboards to help you remember.

Sometimes people grab the wall to help them get in and out of the shower or off the commode. Regardless of how the wall is touched or what may hit it, dirt can gather.

To help your paint last a little longer, it’s a good idea to give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth to preserve their integrity.

Well, you now know of 15 bathroom cleaning tricks and the different areas in your bathroom you should be checking out when cleaning. These areas are easy to forget.

Yet, they have a way of making a bathroom feel much cleaner when taken care of. As mentioned, cleaning a bathroom isn’t fun, but it’s certainly worth it.

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