15 cool and lovely DIY mirror decorating projects you will love

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15 cool and lovely DIY mirror decorating projects you will love

The mirror is a must-have accessory for every home and it also considered a component of furniture. Mirror framing and mirror decoration is the latest trend but has been very popular among the people. Yes, you can decorate your mirror by yourself and can make a beautiful and attractive frame around it. It is a very quick and easy project to create decorative projects and for this purpose, you can use different materials which you have at your home.

For your help, I have brought a very interesting post on 15 cool and lovely DIY mirror decorating projects you will love. I have prepared a gallery of 15 DIY mirror projects for your inspiration. So, lots have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will like all of them very much and would love to try them out at your own home. You will find them very creative and stunning. So, please scroll down to get ideas on 15 cool and lovely DIY mirror projects you will love.

Cool and lovely DIY mirror decorating projects you will love:

A Mirror always looks good in a living room or in a bedroom and it can be found in every size and color. But now you can make your own DIY mirror by using seashell, stones, decorative sea sand and glass stones as well as much other decorative stuff instead of buying expensive decorative mirrors from the shops. You can also add gold glitter or shimmery appearance on its farm and can hang it on the wall of any room. In this way, you can find a must-have accessory for every home as well as a decoration piece for your plan and simple walls. So, go ahead and be creative by making your own decorative DIY mirror projects for your home to make it more beautiful.

 Steel ruler mirror, made with 78 stainless steel ruler

(Tutorial via :mosaicworksca )

The Turquoise Bead Mirror

(Tutorial via:  mosaicworksca )

Wood Shingle Accent Mirror

(Tutorial via: ourcraftyhome )

DIY Spoon Mirror

(Tutorial via:hometalk)

Oysters Mirror

This mirror is made of oysters. I thought it was perfect for a “shore house” without being obvious and themy.

 (Tutorial via:residencestyle)

One Large Wall Mirror

 (Tutorial via: decoist )

Easy DIY Egg Carton Mirror

(Tutorial via love this pic )

Starburst Driftwood Mirror

This Amazing round mirror by pieces of driftwood will make a beutiful statement anywhere in your home.

(Tutorial via Sustain My Craft Habit)


 (Tutorial via:atthepicketfence )

Mosaic Tile Bathroom Mirror

  (Tutorial via:centsationalgirl)

Wood plans hall mirror

   (Tutorial via:smallhomelove)

Dressed Up Mirror

  (Tutorial via: improvement)

Rope Mirror

  (Tutorial via so creative things)

   (Tutorial via:decorating)

Mirror made with Cardboard and Gems

    (Tutorial via:mark Montana )


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