15 Reasons to Create Your Own Beautiful Swimming Pond Now

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We don’t have cable at our house so when my girls go to their grandparents’ houses, they make sure they get their fill. One of the shows they have watched is Pool Master, a television show that focuses on a man who creates natural pools. They love it and now it has me intrigued.

I have always wanted a pool and from what I can see, this looks like the perfect solution for someone wanting to go as natural as possible.

But how would a swimming pond benefit a home? Especially one that focuses on being as natural as possible?

1. You Can Customize It Any Way You Like

Want a normal looking pool? A natural pool can do that! Want one that has clear water but pond like characteristics? A natural pool can do that too!

The regular pool design would mean filling the pool area with concrete and hiding the gravel filter underground or hide it elsewhere in the pool.

If you would rather have the custom pond look – you add boulders, stone, clay, and other natural features to your pool creation. The only thing holding you back is your imagination!

2. It is Better for Your Skin

Some of the different things that chlorine can do to your skin are cause eczema, itchiness, a rash and aging your skin too quickly. Obviously, not having the chemicals in the water means that you can dive in and feel refreshed, not tight, when you hop out of the pool after several hours of swimming.

3. It is also Good for the Environment

Just as the chemicals will harm your skin after a while, they also harm the environment. When draining a pool for the summer, there is the possibility that the water will go to streams and rivers. The chlorine forms a chemical called dioxin that pollutes water and contaminate fish.

That just doesn’t sound like any fun.

4. It Requires No Draining and Provides Year Round Enjoyment

Even though you don’t have to worry about the water if you were to drain it, you don’t have to drain it!

That’s right, even for those of you who live in areas where it’s super cold in the winter and you get fewer months of pool use, no draining is required.

Better yet, if the water is solid, you can use it for ice skating.

The reason for this is because the water is continually being cleaned and filtered and is in a natural state. So, fill it up once and if it gets too low, add a little but you might not even have to do that!

If you live in a warmer climate, you can also add a heating element to the pool and be able to swim year round.

5. They Deter Pests

A frog or reptile might originally be interested in the new water source but as soon as they realize this water source has no food for them they will move on of their own accord.

If “pests” do come around and stick around, they will migrate towards the regeneration side of the pond. These animals will end up being beneficial too because they eat mosquitos and their larvae!

One way to make one hundred percent sure that pests stay away from the poolside is to skim the water from time to time; however, you would be doing that in a traditional pool as well, so no worries.

6. It Provides Entertainment Opportunities Outside of Electronic Devices

Just as with any pool, the ability to swim and play in the summer while the adults’ hang out means more time together. Time together without distractions of the outside world.

Even better, it gets kids out in the natural setting of the environment versus watching television or playing on their electronic devices.

When they bring their friends over, everyone benefits.

7. Fitness

In addition to being off the electronics, they are also off their butts and are being active. The distraction of the water and finding new water games to play means they won’t be raiding the pantry as much either.

If you have younger children, it helps them to learn to swim at an earlier age. Knowing that they NEED to know this means you are more likely to get someone to teach them or do it yourself.

For adults, water aerobics can provide a way to burn calories that does not hurt the joints. Doing anything in the pool from swimming to jumping into walking around playing.

We all know the benefits of fitness but in case we forgot, merely getting in a pool and walking around burns calories and adds to the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps one burn calories, therefore, losing weight!

8. It Will Help You Sleep Better

I feel like the last three have kind of fed off of each other. Having a pool gets you outside and moving, which causes you to be more physically active and then you sleep better.

Exercise is one reason that helps you get to sleep faster from being in the pool, as does the exposure to the sun (wear your sunscreen) and the lower body temperature helps you to fall asleep faster.

Obviously, this is good for those who struggle with going to sleep and those who struggle with staying asleep. It also benefits those who have children that are night owls; therefore, making the adults sleepy night owls.

9. The Year-to-Year Costs are Cheaper and It Reduces the Work

Natural pools don’t require chemicals, an electronic filtration system, or pH balancing.

According to ecopoolsonline.com, their natural pool system uses sixty percent less energy than traditional pools.

The extent of maintence will be skimming and making sure the pool is free from debris. You can do this by walking around in the pool, which gives you exercise as well. Killing two birds with one stone!

In addition, that area of the home would no longer need mowing which benefits you by giving you less to do around the house.

10. You Know What’s In It

This is such a big deal for my husband and I. It is ultimately why we do so much stuff around the house ourselves. We know what went into our ketchup and we know what went into our oil change. It’s just as important to know what is going into our pool.

If I were to take the girls to the city pool, who knows what is in it both chemically and from another person. Although I would feel a little better about it, wading in a creek poses some risks as well, especially since we don’t know where the water in that creek came from.

11. It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Have you ever been to a coastal location and saw just how laid back the people who live there are?

This summer I have been to both Ocean City, Maryland and Galveston Island, Texas. In both places, there were people who obviously lived there riding their bikes and had an overall calm demeanor. Likewise, people who were vacationing there seemed, understandably, calmer.

Water does that for people. Having a beautiful surrounding and the peaceful sound of a swimming pond constantly flowing water improves most people’s moods exponentially. For this reason, I recommend building a swimming pond near your home.

Either way, though, having a pool and a place to decompress is important – being stressed can cause negative effects on personal and professional lives.

12. You Get the Benefit of Two Ponds in One

When you build a natural pool you have the pool you swim in and then a filter pool. The filtered pool is filled with beautiful plants that help keep the water clean, including water lilies. You can add other additions if you like, whatever floats your boat.

Essentially you get a pool for swimming and can get another one for looking at. Sure adds to the mental health aspect!

13. Your Home Becomes Place to Be

Maybe its just me and maybe it comes back to that knowing what’s going on (that is called control, isn’t it?) but I would rather my girls and their friends stay at my house. But I’m not that weird type of controlling… if the friends’ parents want to come over and hang out, I am all for it.

Essentially, I want our house to be the place to be.

One of my biggest role models in the homesteading movement is the radio DJ, Delilah. She runs her home during the summer where her kids and their friends work during the morning, while it’s cool and then they do activities in the afternoon. Her kids love it, their friends love it, the parents get a chance to have free time and everyone wins.

Likewise, adding a pool is one more feature to make your home the place to be, which helps you feel more at ease, knowing your family and friends are safe.

14. If You Already Have a Pool, You Don’t Have to Start Over

If you want a natural pool and currently own a traditional pool, you don’t have to have the traditional pool torn out. Instead, just make sure you have enough room for the regeneration pond, do your research or hire someone, and have it changed over.

The main undertaking will be the regeneration pond and the water flow from the regeneration pond to the pool area. And, again, you get the added benefit of a water garden and no harmful chemicals on your skin.

15. It Makes Your Home More Elegant


The two ponds in one benefit mean your home has double the elegance. It also makes your home worth more (although if you do this to improve your home’s value and don’t plan to live there – I recommend a traditional pool).

As we noted earlier, when your home is more elegant it boosts your mood. And adding that special touch can really make your home feel like you are on a constant “staycation”.

Diving into the Deep End

As soon as we purchase our land I plan to add a swimming pond and we will build it ourselves. I look forward to sharing our step by step ‘how to’ guide here.

If you have ever thought about having a pool, consider a natural pool. It gives you the same benefits of a traditional pool with less overall cost and more benefits to the land, your body, and the community surrounding you.

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