17 Murphy Bed Plans and Projects for the Savvy Space Saver

Decor 19

Who here is a savvy space saver that is always looking for new ways to tidy things up and make more room? Anyone love to take up weekend projects and renovate their house for a fresh new change? Or what about you DIY’ers that want to show off your crafting skills? Well, weekend renovators, DIY’ers and savvy space savers we’ve got an excellent project for you! The Murphy bed is the ultimate way to create space while not giving up on style.

What exactly is a Murphy bed you may ask? Well, a Murphy bed (sometimes known as a wall bed or pull-down bed) is a hinged bed that can be stored away vertically. Often it is disguised as a dresser or cabinet, and sometimes it is designed right into the wall. Most Murphy beds don’t have box springs to make it easier (and light-weight) to manage.

So let’s take a look at 17 Murphy bed plans and projects for the savvy space saver.

1. Modern Farmhouse

A very pretty design for a Murphy bed! If you have the energy to do so, it makes all the difference with the little details put into the fake cabinets.

2. Bookcase Murphy bed plans

Check out how to build this beautiful piece of furniture that is a Murphy bed and a double bookcase in one! Lots of room for storage and shelves for displaying items while also providing a place to sleep!

3. Bunk Bed

Do you always have your kid’s friends sleeping over? Short on beds? Well here is an incredible alternative to those blow-up mattresses! A DIY Murphy bunk bed!

4. Recycled Wood

Use old pallet wood or any recycled wood for this project to get a rustic look when the Murphy bed is put away. I also love the large metal clasps used to keep it shut!

5. Functional

Here is a great Murphy bed plan that has style and functionality! With lots of storage space on either side of the bed and a wonderfully sized pull-out bed, this could be your next project.

6. Old TV Cabinet

Check out how you can turn an old TV cabinet into a fully-functioning Murphy bed with only a few steps! You’ll be napping in no time!

7. Guest Bed

An excellent design for a guest bed in the office or storage room! A light frame painted white with two simple handles to pull down the bed when you’re ready to use it.

8. Dog Bed

Even your furry friend needs a comfortable place to rest his sleepy head! Instead of having to hide that bulky dog bed when you have guests over just fold it up!

9. Modern

Simple, classy and modern, this design will look great in basically any room of the house! A pleasing appearance and a bonus with the extra shelving for storage!

10. Just the Bed

If you don’t need any of the extra storage or shelving attached or are worried about space, then check out these Murphy bed plans! It’s basic but still looks and functions great.

11. Dresser

I know what you’re thinking! That’s a Murphy bed?? You bet it is! It’s a super smart design that looks very aesthetic while still being practical and useful.

12. Mantel

What’s cool about these Murphy bed plans is that the shelves are on the inside of the Murphy bed! That means you don’t have to worry about taking everything down before pulling down the bed!

13. Fancy

Now, this is a bit of a fancier build for those with some experience under their work belt. Pull out side tables, drawers, shelves, and even built-in lighting. Talk about luxurious!

14. Blue Beauty

Paint your Murphy bed a pretty color to make it a feature piece in a room! You will be proud to show it off and say that you built it yourself!

15. Sliding Doors

Check out those cool sliding doors on these Murphy bed plans that hide the bed away just wonderfully. This project is done by using an Ikea hack!

16. Kids Room

Kids need more room to play? Well here’s a simple fix! If you’re able to fold the bed up, they will have all the floor space they need to race cars and dance in circles.

17. Buy a Kit

murphy bed plansmurphy bed plans

If you are worried about doing the whole project from scratch, you could always buy a kit to help you on your way. The kit will include most of the mechanics that you will need for the project as well as detailed instructions.


Well crafters, were you inspired? Murphy bed plans have been around for a long time, and they continue to be used as a staple furniture piece in a home. This is for a good reason! Whether it’s because your studio apartment is just too small to host a party or because you often have guests spending the night, it’s always nice to be able to tuck away that big bed to make some room.

You can be creative with your Murphy bed plans by tucking it away vertically or horizontally. You can also have fun with how you want to disguise your bed! Make it look like a beautiful cabinet, an elegant wardrobe or a stylish bookcase.

And with that, let the crafting begin!

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