20 Ways to Decorate All Through the House During the Fall Holidays

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It seems hard to believe that the fall holidays are already here. Seems like yesterday we were talking about these days as if they were far away.

The second most decorated holiday season of the year is Halloween and equally beautiful can be Thanksgiving.

I find it fun to decorate all throughout the house, spending quality time with my daughters as we eat a yummy fall treat and then decorate our house, listening to holiday music that makes us happy – from Halloween to Christmas!

Giving fall decor it’s due, these tips I hope will be awe-inspiring and help combine your creativity and love for this crisp, cool season.

Decorating During the Fall Holidays 1. Love the Lanterns

I have absolutely fallen in love with lanterns, especially outside. See this creative way to use this lantern. Adding different ingredients inside the lantern makes it so cute and festive for the particular time of year. In my opinion, the fact that this piece of decor can be used year round makes it that much better!

For more inspiration check out Celebrate Magazine‘s article.

2. Tell Them Who You Are

I saw this quite a bit when my family lived in Tennessee. Many times the big pumpkin would say the last name of the family then the actual pumpkins would have the family members first names on them. What makes it neat is that the wood pumpkin can be used year after year and the pumpkins can be changed out to represent the family member every year.

It’s nothing but a picture, though pictures say a thousand words.

3. The Scarecrows

I love this set up because it shows off a lot of things fall represents. Scarecrows are cute to us but were originally meant to scare off the birds so that way our ancestors could reap as much as they had sown. I have to admit, I absolutely love the lights in this picture.

I have a slight addiction to string lights and fall decor though.

4. Pumpkins

When people think fall, they think of fall colors like orange, brown, and red. But white is a great way to really bring out the rest of the colors surrounding the item that is white. In this case, it is the Pumpkins.

Another reason why white is so much fun during this time of year is that it reminds us of what is coming. To me, the holidays start on Labor Day and are extended until Easter. It is one of the best times of the year and I plan each one. The white on the pumpkins remind me that the best is yet to come.

5. It’s Not Christmas but the Lighting is Beautiful, Nonetheless.

I told you all I was into the lighting during the fall holiday seasons!

The first time I saw a house with fall lighting they had white lights that surrounded their fall leaves garland outlining their doorstep. It looked so beautiful and made the house look very sophisticated.

This house has the same garland with lights as well as lights that go up the stairways, pumpkins that adorn and even the banner hanging out front, really make the scenery.

6. Wreaths

Wreaths are a great way to invite other people in and give them a taste of who you are. Not one of my husband’s favorite things so I never put them on our door until 2013. This became a matter of “does it really matter to me that much” with him and the answer is no, it doesn’t.

So my mother-in-law gave me my first fall wreath and a few months later one of my best friends bought me a large Christmas wreath that was blue and silver to match the decor on the inside of our house. I absolutely loved them.

My next wreath project is going to be one for Mardi Gras season, with beads in the colors that represent the three wise men and a mask.

If you are like me and you have to have a wreath on your door, you can get more beautiful inspiration here or read our own post of beautiful wreaths.

7. Use Junkyard Stuff Combined with Nice Things to Make it Beautiful

Would you look at this Instagram Page!

I love how they took findings from their yard sale-ing and added some beautiful store bought stuff as well in order to make it look beautiful.

Again, this is a lot of white and actually, there is no pop of fall color here either but the black and white sure do give it that spooky effect!

8. Chalkboard Lettering

Jenna Sue Design Co came up with this idea and put a lot of work into it, printing it off in separate pieces and having to put it back together. And yet it sure is beautiful. I think it would be a perfect addition to a Thanksgiving table area.

For the step by step, be sure to check out her blog!

9.  Glitter Me Fall

I shouldn’t lie. I love glitter and fall. This fall decor flower set is beautiful and the glitter on the gold puts it over the top. The white makes the gold and the orange stand out more and it is really the perfect balance for these three.

You can make your own or if you don’t have the time, just purchase them over at Midnight Owl Candle’s Etsy Site. Just make sure if you are using them for flower decor to put some rocks on the bottom so that they are less likely to topple over.

10. Get Creative with Your Pumpkins

Pumpkins could easily be a centerpiece with your fall decor. I’m not saying you need to be a master pumpkin carver like those guys on Halloween Wars; however, getting creative with your pumpkins – faces or not – and you will be sure to command attention!

Also, I am in love with this pumpkin spiced latte design. Super cute – I might have to make that next year to go with the coffee shop my students are I are creating!

11. Fall Decor for the Foyer

I love the idea of being able to touch every area of the home with a little bit of the season. Doing it in a way that is not tacky is extra important and this shows one way to do so.

If you live in a warm weather area, these pillow additions would also be super cute for your front or back porch. I could see these pillows on a swing, feeling a cool breeze by the ocean.

Can I come to your house?

12. Hat Me on For Size

This centerpiece was too cute for me not to add it to the list of things to decorate your house with. Blame it on Harry Potter but I have a totally different view on witches now. The hat represents something fun and adding the pumpkins and stars just brings out the season and everything that it represents.

13. The Village – It’s not just for Christmas

My mother-in-law has a Christmas Village that my girls just adore but why not have a fall village as well? One that screams of pumpkins, ghosts, and all things delicious. I love the color and the lights on each of these different areas.

To have a village this big would take several years but that’s okay. When I was growing up my mother’s rule was “One Christmas CD per year”. Now she has quite the collection (though I cannot tell you how many… that would give away my age, to some extent)! In the same respect, you can decide to buy five the first year and then one before and one after the holiday is over starting the following year.

Though there was no link to this picture, it sure is beautiful!

14. Say It With a Banner

This is a beautiful way to bring the holidays into your living room area. Banners are very trendy right now and, again, are very festive. Naturally, I love the leaf garland as well and how the bottom of the candles have the leaf set around them.

The Frugal Homemaker did a great job on her decor. Well done!

15. That One Thing

I think this sign would be perfect in the room that you are serving your Thanksgiving dinner in! Do you have your fat pants ready yet?

16. Painted Burlap Silverware Holders

I think these are so adorable and they look fairly easy to make. They must be because Kimberly over at A Night Owl blog has made this at least twice.

She thinks like me, which I love. She talks about how it is not even Halloween yet but she is already crafting for the next holiday.

That’s just how it goes in the crafting world, folks. We plan ahead.

17. The Tablecloth Worth a Thousand Words

This tablecloth idea comes from Sarah at The Holy Mess. I took her idea and ran with it last year, having all of my students sign it at our “Friendsgiving” dinner.

This year I am at a new school and I plan to use the same tablecloth, having my new students sign it alongside my former students. I want them to see that some of the stuff they go through is similar no matter where you live. I am also having my current students keep the tradition up because it brands both of them on my heart.

18. Get Cozy

The next two are actually from the same blog post. The post was done by Jenn over at Clean and Scentsible. I couldn’t help but add both because they deserve their own piece of this post’s glory. This one is probably one of my most favorite categories because it says, “warm up beside me and help me feel snuggly”.

It indicates a quiet time of relaxing with family and friends, watching a movie or reading a book together. In all of the hustle and bustle, sometimes it is nice to have quiet time.

19. Sometimes It’s in the Subtle Things

This truck in the kitchen would be a perfect symbol for my family.  I am a culinary teacher who is going to graduate school to support local farmers that want to be sustainable in everything they do, and my husband is well-known in the automotive industry.

This combines two of our passions and yet does so in a way that wouldn’t take up much space. It’s the little things!

20. Stairway to…

I originally wanted to show you a pretty fall decor staircase done with the garland and lights but we don’t want to overplay that one. So I hunted around for this beauty. I love the decorations and the color, along with the subtle touches, like the spider up top and the cobwebs. It’s tasteful and not too overdone.


I absolutely adore this time of year and part of the fun is decorating. I want to have a touch of the holidays in every room and my daughters feel the same way. The fact that we can celebrate and share this time together makes it that much better.

Whether or not you chose to decorate your home from head to toe is up to you but either way – I hope you have the happiest of holidays!

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