32 Grand Floating Corner Shelf Designs for New Renovation Inspiration

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Looking for a way to create more storage space? Have you ever thought about using those unutilized corners? Well… Those corners have the potential to be exactly the storage space you need!

Floating corner shelves are a functional and stylish design element that can really provide that little extra space you need. Whether you’re looking for a home for your collection of kitchen spices, needing some counter space in the bathroom, or wanting to create a unique and trendy bookshelf, corner shelves will do the job.

Check out these 32 totally awesome floating corner shelf designs to inspire you with new renovation ideas.

Floating Corner Shelf Designs 1. Awkward Spaces

Make use of those awkward corner spaces by giving a small room some much-needed storage space.

2. Desk Space

Keep your desk tidy, clean, and ready to spread your homework on by keeping your desk items at just an arms reach above.

3. Matching the Walls

Match your shelves to the color of your wall and then only the art you keep on will stick out.

4. Reverse

These shelves take advantage of protruding corners with a clever design and interesting appearance.

5. Open Kitchen

Show off those expensive dishes you own, with this open kitchen concept and elegant floating corner shelves.

6. Minimalist

A minimalist design for those who pride functionality over an elaborate design.

7. Library

Put your very own organizational library of books tucked into an awkward and unused corner.

8. Floating Shelves and Desk

Combine your floating corner shelves with a beautiful floating corner desk! A useful design!

9. In the Shower

After putting shelving in your shower you will never look back! Organized and clean!

10. Light Wood

A light and soft tone of wood against your kitchen tiles are what makes for a dreamy open feeling.

11. Cubes

Geometry-inspired, these stacking cubes fit perfectly into an unused corner, and looks great!

12. Hi-Tech

Do you have something you’re really proud of that you want to display? Light it up!

13. Child’s Room

A child’s room can always do with more storage space! Some bright floating shelves will help with that!

14. Cat Bed

Here’s a clever way to make use of that unused corner space! A floating cat shelf for your furry friend.

15. Metal Details

A beautiful design of open floating shelving in a kitchen with a cool industrial feeling.

16. Painted Blue

Just a simple shelf to put the flowers that you pick from the garden in a deep and happy blue.

17. Illusion

This may look like a table… But look again! It’s a floating corner shelf with a clever design!

18. Industrial Pipe

This industrial pipe shelf is the perfect system to tuck away into the corner. Great for storing shoes or books!

19. Interesting Wood

This fun zig-zagging shelf is made with a dark red cherry wood. Try experimenting with unique woods!

20. Zig Zag

This zig-zagging corner shelf has a modern and unique feeling and gives a beautiful illusional effect.

21. TV & Shelves

Get inspired by this unique idea of having your TV and TV shelves floating in a corner!

22. Reclaimed Wood

Made with reclaimed wood, these floating shelves give a lovely feeling… Especially with the pop of color!

23. Bathroom

Lacking counter space around your bathroom sink? Floating corner shelves will solve that problem!

24. Copper Shelving

Chic, shiny, and making a statement, these trendy copper shelves look great!

25. Darling and Chic

Absolutely darling, this set-up for the bedroom is a charming inspiration for those with too many books to handle!

26. 360° Around

These floating spice shelves cover all four corners of the chimney. A great use of space!

27. Mason Jar Corner

Where are my bulk shoppers at? A floating shelf system for your array of mason jars is a must-have!

28. In the Nursery

You can never have enough storage space in your newborn’s nursery room!

29. Kids Bookshelf

An amazing corner bookshelf perfect for your little one! Keep their room organized and clean!

30. Add Small Hooks

Add small hooks to your floating kitchen corner shelves and have the perfect place to hang your teacups!

31. Matching

Match your shelves to your shower tiles for a natural look that is stylish and functional.

32. In the Bathroom

Another example of how you can use floating shelves to create more counter space in the bathroom.


So as you can see, floating corner shelves can add a really unique element to a room. They have a grand look and are completely functional. You will be surprised how useful they are once you have them installed and ready to go.

There are lots of unique designs out there and inspiration on how you can use them in each room of your house. In the bathroom for more towel storage, in the kitchen for your many mason jars, or in the bedroom to display your collection of books and trinkets.

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