45 Shipping Container Homes That Are Beautiful and Feel Like Home

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Thinking about buying your first home? Or have you been living in the same house for so long you’re looking for a change? Did you ever consider that your next home could be in a big metal box? I know it sounds weird but hear me out!

There are tons of shipping containers out there just sitting and wasting away. However, what you might not know is that they are an excellent base structure for a house. Shipping containers are fire and flood proof and can be picked up at really budget-friendly prices.

They are versatile, affordable and can be used to create a fantastic container house, with proper design. Even though designing such a unique house might feel out of your league, a little inspiration can go a long way in getting your creative juices flowing!

So let’s take a look at 45 container houses that you won’t believe are made out of shipping containers.

1. Efficient and Simple

Shipping containers already give you the skeleton of your house. After that, you can cut and paste to your liking. Add windows, doors, paint and make it your own.

2. Keep the Look

Don’t let a good thing go to waste. Use what you have to your advantage! I love the industrial look this home has by having left the old markings and original color.

3. Three Containers

On the right are two shipping containers stacked high and on the left another. In between is a cleverly designed roof adding extra living space.

4. Shipping Container Pool

Here we have a shipping container house accompanied by a shipping container pool! There are so many ways to re-use!

5. Large Windows

Large windows are important in a shipping container home or else it can be extremely dark. Open things up and bring in the light!

6. Wonky

Wow! This house is stunning, and it’s hard to imagine that it’s made out of something as ordinary as shipping containers.

7. Lakeside View

Would you ever imagine that this is the inside of an industrial shipping container? Well, you better believe it!

8. Tiny Living

The average person doesn’t need much to live a happy life. A comfortable bed, a roof over their head and somewhere to take a refreshing shower in the morning! It’s the little things that count.

9. Desert

Live comfortably in the heat of the desert with a home that blends in with nature and provides you shelter and a home.

10. Solar Panels

container housescontainer houses

Since you’re already helping the planet by reusing those old shipping containers might as well keep it going and add solar panels

11. Open and Close

Benefit from the uniqueness of a shipping container home and use those large doors as a way to open up a room to the outdoors on a beautiful day.

12. Statement

Make a statement while becoming the new kid on the block. Be different, be unique, be original!

13. 3-Tiered

A 3-tiered cascading home made out of various shipping containers create lots of balcony space and tons of room for a big family!

14. Guest House

Do you have a lot of visitors stopping by? Need a creative idea for a guest house out back? Get inspired by this design!

15. Modular Home

Modern, sleek, and unique, your modular home can be a showstopper in the neighborhood while also being an example for a sustainable future.

16. Open Kitchen

You can never have a kitchen too big! So add some much-wanted space by opening up the wall and adding a porch.

17. Big Yard

By living in a smaller house, you will be more likely to spend time outdoors! So go for a smaller shipping container home with a big outdoor living space!

18. Secret Revealed

Don’t hide the fact that you’re living in a shipping container… Show it off! Leave parts of the containers showing for an awesome industrial look!

19. Reflexion

I love how this shipping container home reflects the beautiful skyline and the soft passing clouds making it seems almost invisible!

20. Contemporary Coastal

A contemporary coastal home with plenty of patio space to look at the night stars and a sharp look that will impress.

21. Open Plan

It’s important that your shipping container is open and has plenty of windows to ensure that you get plenty of sunshine.

22. Balcony

Check out how they’ve incorporated a balcony in this impressive two stories shipping container home! So cool!

23. Green Roof

Leave a roof space on top of your flat container home for a lovely secret garden! Green roofs are super beneficial and look great.

24. Pop-Out

Read your book with the soft breeze turning pages or get comfortable as you look at the stars in your pop-out container home.

25. Modern

Sleek, modern and cool, this container home is proof that your house can look sharp and impressive even when made from recycled materials.

26. Side by Side

Build neighboring homes to use as either guest houses or to separate the work zone from the fun zone.

27. Roof Patio

One of the cool things about shipping container homes is their flat roofs. Take advantage of that space for a huge patio!

28. Large Deck

Expand your shipping container home by adding a large deck area, and it will feel twice as big!

29. Micro Shipping Container

Are you into the tiny living lifestyle? Well, how about tiny shipping container living? Live life on the micro!

30. Raise the Roof

Consider raising the roof of your shipping container home to give it just that extra space. It will really open things up!

31. Horizontal and Vertical

Experiment with how you want to place your shipping containers to design something really unique, something different!

32. Mobile

Got the travel bug? Love to be on the move and the road? Great! But, don’t leave your home behind… Take it with you!

33. Back Porch

Open up that cool shipping container house and pull down your back porch to enjoy the outdoors and practice your old guitar.

34. Large and Contemporary

Get your hands on as many shipping containers as you can so you have room for the whole family, the relative, and their friends!

35. Covered Patio

Check out how this design leaves the bottom open to the fresh air and the soft breeze so you can always enjoy the outdoors!

36. All Glass

The last thing you want is to feel like you’re living in a dark shipping container! Make it home and go for transparent walls.

37. Leisure

That patio space up top? Not just a patio space! That’s a driving range perfect for the golf fanatic! Make your shipping container home personal to your interests and what makes you happy.

38. Modern Farmhouse

Your shipping container home can still get that beautiful modern farmhouse look with a few tweaks and a good design!

39. High Ceilings

If you’re planning on stacking containers for extra room, consider opening them up for high ceilings and an open plan.

40. Entrance

I really love this grand entrance into this industrial shipping bunker. Placed wonderfully in the beautiful woods and painted a gorgeous auburn.

41. On the Water

shipping container homeshipping container home

A lakeside view, so close that you can jump right in from your front porch! For any style of house, location is everything!

42. Five Containers

container housecontainer house

The more, the merrier! That’s why this shipping container house is constructed of five large containers so you have room to throw big parties!

43. Large Slanted Roof

shipping container homeshipping container home

Draw a large slanted roof into your container house design to ensure protection from the elements. Especially recommended if you live somewhere where it snows!

44. Wood

container homecontainer home

If you don’t like the look of the metal box that is a shipping container you can always cover it up! I suggest upcycled pallet wood!

45. Family Home

shipping container housesshipping container houses

A modern two-story shipping container house with an outdoor shower and a rooftop jacuzzi! I might just be in love…


Whether it’s a one container charming lakeside home or a five container luxury house, there is a design out there for you!

Think about the type of home you are looking for. Whether it’s just for you or if you’ve got a whole family to house and then you can decide how many containers you should invest in.

Have fun painting the outside or decorating it with wood or leave it as it is for a cool industrial style. Stack the containers horizontally or vertically to create unique spaces.

You can add patios, porches and balconies and make sure you personalize it to your liking. Add large glass windows for extra light or consider opening up the roof for high ceilings!

You will have so much fun designing your own container house so grab a blank paper and pen and get started!

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