60 Exciting Small Living Room Ideas to Transform Your Cramped Space

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Do you ever stare at your small living room and feel a little bit lost with what to do with it? Overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) you try to come up with a way to make it feel more spacious and comfortable and nothing comes to mind. No need to get frustrated – there are tons of ways to help your small living room become your new favorite place to chill, relax, and hang out with friends and family.

Below are 60 clever and comfortable small living rooms for you to analyze in awe. Everything from dreamy white dens to bohemian dwellings to playful rooms. You will notice some great tricks among the images, clever ideas on how to visually make your small living room feel bigger than it really is. So keep your eyes out for vertical stripes on the walls, down-to-the-ground furniture, transparent pieces, large mirrors, horizontally striped rugs, and even more clever tricks!

Designing and transforming your cramped space with these small living room ideas is going to be a lot of fun! All you need to do is start with a little bit of inspiration to get you excited. So let’s take a look!

1. Mirrors

small living room ideassmall living room ideas

Mirrors can open and expand a small room. It gives an extra dimension to the space, and just naturally make it seem larger! Add a big mirror to your living room to open things up.

2. Day Bed

small living room ideassmall living room ideas

Use a daybed instead of a big clunky couch to save on space for this small living room idea! Not only does it look great, but it also opens up the feeling of the room and makes for an easier transport. So many benefits!

3. Soft Tones

Soft pretty tones make this living room feel lighter, brighter, and bigger! Pretty pastels, creamy neutrals, and gentle wood tones are the way to go when you have a tiny room.

4. Less is More

You don’t need a lot to make a statement and to feel comfortable in your home. A retro chair, a bit of greenery, and a shag rug will do the trick!

5. Fixed Furniture

Fixed furniture, like a built-in bench, is the best way to save space. Another huge bonus is that you can build storage underneath the cushions. Everybody loves extra storage space!

6. Bike Mount

Don’t let your city bike get in the way of living space. Hang it up on the wall not only to create a more functional area but also because it just looks cool.

7. TV Mount

A bicycle isn’t the only thing you can mount on the wall! Throw your TV up there too so that you can fill the TV stand with books, plants, and other knick-knacks.

8. Go Vertical

If you are fortunate enough to have high ceilings you definitely have to take advantage of that wall space! Get one of these cool library ladders to help you reach up high!

9. Tuck Away

Tuck away all those extra things when you’re not using them to make the space feel more open. The keyboard and guitar can get tucked in the corner or hung on the wall. Blankets can go in a storage basket and be pushed under the table. Do what you have to, to keep it looking clean!

10. All White

Look what happens when you decorate with white! It just opens up the space and brings a bright feeling. Even the smallest of spaces can feel roomy and comfortable when you use the right designs.

11. Drink Perch

Save space by removing your chunky side tables or way-too-big coffee tables. Replace them with a simple drink perch that you can even make yourself! Check out the instructions and bring a little more room into your small living room.

12. Shelving

Shelving can be important to store books, pictures, trinkets, and flower vases. It also utilizes the unused wall space for a practical purpose! Try incorporating a lot of shelving to really take advantage of your wall space.

13. Low Furniture

The smaller your furniture is, the bigger your room will feel! Go for low coffee tables that you can use by sitting on small cushions to make your small living room feel bigger.

14. Floating Corner Shelves

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do with the corners of a room. Adding chunky furniture into a corner only makes the room feel smaller. One solution is to create beautiful corner shelves to store all your favorite knick-knacks!

15. Bright Floors

If you’re going to add a pop of color to a small room, try doing it with a boldly patterned carpet on the ground. This example is a wonderful one to give you an idea of how you can achieve something soft and light yet fun and colorful.

16. Thin Legs

Go for furniture with skinny hairpin-style legs. It just makes the room look a bit more spacey because your furniture looks light and doesn’t take up a lot of room.

17. Shelf Desk

Replace your big clunky desk with a simple shelf to really free up space. You could even make it a folding-shelf so that you can flatten it against the wall when you’re not using it!

18. Living and Dining

If you’re really short on space, combine your small living room and dining room to be one! This dining table behind the couch is a great idea, especially for those who end up eating all their meals in front of the TV anyway!

19. Room Window

Open up your living room by opening up the wall, literally! Just creating a window between your living room and the kitchen can make it feel so much more open. You won’t have to leave the party when you go to get yourself another drink!

20. Round Furniture

Round furniture is easier to move around and find a place. You don’t have to worry about it fitting exactly into a corner. It also has a nice flow to it and creates flow in an otherwise square room.

21. Above the Radiator

If you have something stuck to your wall that you aren’t able to get rid of, don’t worry! It doesn’t mean you’ve lost that wall to put your furniture against, it just means you have to get creative! Building floating shelves above it, is just one idea.

22. Book Table

When it comes to small spaces we are always looking for furniture pieces with dual-purpose! Like this side table to rest your coffee that also keeps your stack of books neatly under control.

23. Think Vintage

Back in the day, most people lived in small houses anyway. Therefore, the furniture was designed to be able to fold up small and easily moved. Thin and delicate legs make the furniture seem lighter and so your small living room feels bigger.

24. Built-In Corner Benches

We’ve talked about building furniture into the room and here is a great example of how it can work for you. An L shaped bench built into the corner with a ton of storage room underneath.

25. From Desk to Table

Multi-purpose furniture is the best! This piece converts from a desk or windowsill counter to a beautiful dining table. Even the seats could be used as storage to give them another purpose!

26. Coffee Table Option

Instead of a large coffee table try using two smaller tables. That way they can be easily separated and used somewhere else as side tables or just tucked away.

27. Let in the Light

Go for a sheer curtain so that you’re always getting some sunshine in your room. Light is important in small rooms so you don’t feel like you’re in a cave.

28. Plants

Bring in some houseplants to really transform a room from dull and stale to a fresh living paradise. Plants bring a beautiful energy to a room and can make it more inviting and enjoyable.

29. Kitchen and Living Room

If possible, consider tearing down the wall between your living room and kitchen to really open things up. An open plan is a great idea for small houses! Besides, it makes enjoying your company a whole lot easier.

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