Amazing and wonderful wooden crate craft ideas you should try

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Amazing and wonderful wooden crate craft ideas you should try

The is an amazing thing and you can make different projects with it. Its look is great and I like it too. As rustic decorations are very popular nowadays so I also display a rustic look. You can store different and many things in them. So, they play an amazing and useful role in home decorations. But don’t stay till the storage of things in them but also you can create so many interesting projects with them. There are a number of projects and ideas to incorporate wooden crate for your home decorating. The other great thing of the wooden crate is that they are cheap and easily find item.

You can easily buy them from anywhere and any shop with a few dollars each. You can also bring in use the as pallet furnitures such as a small pallet table and much more. By watching its versatility, I decided to show you amazing and wonderful wooden crate craft ideas that you should try at your own home. I have brought a gallery of wooden craft ideas for your inspiration. So, let’s have look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration.

Built-In Shelving:

As I have already told you that you can create so many creative projects for your home decorations. This built-in-shelving is one of them which has been made with the wooden crate. You can purchase crates at a low cost from the market and can make this project easily.

Tutorial: east coast creative blog

Cushioned Ottoman:

This cushioned ottoman is an interesting and great project. it’s very easy to create. You just have to take a vintage milk crate and a pillow up the crate. this is a few minutes project.

Tutorial: Jennifer decorates

Little Car Storage

you can not only decorate your home but also kids can play with them. this car storage idea is perfect for kids that have been made from a wooden crate and circular cardboard pipes. this is a perfect car storage idea as well as a little garage for kids car.

Tutorial: frugalfun4boys

Rustic Nightstand


This is a rustic nightstand that can be easily made from old crates. turn the sides of crates and make a side table ao rustic nightstand. As all the projects ar cheap and easy similarly this project is also very cheap and take no much time.

Tutorial: rustic-crafts

Corner Bookshelves

You van make corner book shelves with your old crates. You do not have to spend a lot of money on buying a new corner decor piece for your home. Anything such as small animals and pots can be put on corner crates.

Mud Room Rack

You can put your old crates in the mud room for putting your muddy shoes and boots on to them. and if you don’t have mud room then you can put your wooden crate on the back of the door.

Tutorial: INF arrantly creative

Decorative Toy Storage

if want to add more decoration and beauty then you can paint old crates and use them decorative toy storage. Put this decorative toy storage in your children’s room and can be used as a house of all kind of toys. its all depend on the quantity of crates you have in your hands.

Tutorial: smart schoolhouse

Filing Cabinet With Sliding Drawers

You need not spend a lot of money on buying new furniture for your home office. You can build your office sliding drawer with these crates. You can also use it as an extra drawer in you room.

Tutorial: Virginia sweetpea

DIY Coffee Table

this is an amazing center or coffee table for your room or drawing room

Tutorial: many thing and everything

Decorative Side Table

What about this pattern? You can paint old crates in pastel colors and flower pattern wallpaper under it. add or create little or round legs under this beautiful nursery side table.It is very easy  and chic table idea.

Tutorial: beatrice4273

Tall Side Table

What about this tall side table? it is also gorgeous idea to use crates. I really like this tall legs table instead of standing a simple crate.

Tutorial: ehow

DIY Toy Box On Casters

This is another beautiful and easy to make toy holder crate box idea. You can draw the beauutiful painting on crates and turn t a big toy storage holder.

Tutorial: addicted2diy

White Basket Storage

Here are many other beautiful and interesting ideas of wooden crate craft ideas. please check them out and draw some inspiration.

Tutorial: Aimee-weaver

Colorful Wooden Crate Bench

Tutorial: operation home blog

Tutorial: handimania

Tutorial: myanythingandeverything

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